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December 2006:
KEKAL is no longer with Fear Dark label (a label who released 3 last KEKAL albums) due to many differences in musical goals and visions, as Fear Dark is known as an extreme metal record label and KEKAL has decided to make further explorations in music even outside the metal boundaries. The band is talking with some record labels to release "The Habit of Fire".

New KEKAL Website is currently OPEN. Please notice the new domain name:

August 2006:
Jeff (KEKAL guitarist/vocalist) is currently in Toronto, Canada to continue his study. But Jeff is and will stay in KEKAL, and KEKAL is still officially a three-piece band with Jeff, Azhar Levi, and Leo as members. Nothing has happened with KEKAL as an implication of Jeff's departure to Canada recently. Some rumors around that say about Jeff is leaving KEKAL in the middle of the recording and form another band, they are not true at all. "The Habit of Fire" album will be released under KEKAL name, and officially as a trio. a leading Indonesian web-portal for local guitarists has announced third contest called "METAL JAM-CONTEST" to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Kekal guitarist Jeff got an honour to be a part of the contest's Board-of-Jury (one of the jury is a former Megadeth guitarist: Marty Friedman).

July 2006:
"The Habit of Fire" is a title of KEKAL's upcoming album. One new song from the album (called "Isolated I") is available for streaming at Kekal Myspace page. If you haven't checked it out, please visit the page!

Great news from North American progheads and metalheads! 3 latest KEKAL CDs ("Acidity", "1000 Thoughts of Violence", "The Painful experience") are now available at The Omega (The End Records mailorder), so that means they will no longer too-hard-to-find and too expensive to purchase them as imports from Europe! The End Records mailorder is known for distributing lots of interesting avantgarde & progressive metal/rock.

There are new media reviews of "Acidity" came up as well.

The album has sold for over 4000 copies in Indonesia alone within a year since it's released, with almost no major promotion, as many of our singles are rejected by radiostations, and video-clip rejected due to the 'too-long' duration of 6-minutes. But we NEVER cut song just for the sake of it!

March 2006:
KEKAL began recording a new album earlier this January. It will take about 6 to 7 months ahead to complete all the recording. As said by guitarist/vocalist Jeff, "I am very confident with the new material. I had never been as confident and proud as when we did "1000 Thoughts of Violence" CD, but now I am, without a doubt. I believe this will be our most-focused, most-explored and most ambitious album we have recorded so far. There are tons of fresh, diverse new elements, and many of the experiments are actually the ones that have never been done before in metal, yet they are unmistakably 100% KEKAL". No album title is being published yet as for now, but the work is based on the thoughts of full concept-album which being estimated to run for over 70 minutes.

June 2005:
Leo Setiawan has joined KEKAL again as an official band member! He played with KEKAL on the first 3 albums, in 2001 he left the band because he had to move to Australia to work there. But now he has returned back from Melbourne recently to work and stay in Jakarta full-time.

Due to the band's own personal and family-related issues that needed to be set as the main priority, especially with Leo during his (re)relocation, KEKAL decided to not to play any local show until the end of this year.

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